Still freaking out a little over the Caryl scene in the newest episode. First when Daryl said the prison was a tomb, and then Carol answered: “That’s what T-Dog called it. I thought he was right. Until you found me.” and when Carol said the last sentence.. Can I say more than the look on Daryl’s face? Like he couldn’t help but smile. He felt that HE was the one that gave her hope, that he’s her hero.

And the last part when they giggle together.. I just can’t. I’m drowning in feels. It’s totally one of the cutest scenes when it comes to Caryl, even though it was so short. But.. all Caryl scenes are so freaking adorble. But in this scene you really notice something’s going on between them and how happy, comfortable they are in eachothers company. They just.. complete eachother.

OMG, can’t they just kiss already?! PLEASE?!

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  7. chandra75 answered: It’s probably the first time in his life he felt like he did something important that impacted people
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  9. fighting-dreamer-x answered: No, no, no! It’s so controversial! I’m not sure I want them together, but the scene fusiofusdoifus!!
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